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Jen travels all over the world for Balboa. If there is great Balboa, you’ll find her there, dancing until the wee hours with the biggest, most contented smile on her face. Fourteen years ago, a friend took her swing dancing, and she’s been devoted to that scene ever since, first as an student, then later as an avid competitor, organizer, advocate, and now as a popular instructor. Her teaching style reflects her creativity, music background, collaborative approach, and partner communication. She is thrilled to be dancing and collaborating with some of the best Balboa partners out there. Her film titled “One Girl and Two Boys” won the Jazz Dance Film Festival, and she holds 1st place titles from the California Balboa Classic, All Balboa Weekend, the Eastern Balboa Championships, the Snowball and, Lindy Focus.


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Andreas comes from Sweden and we won many prizes in Balboa competition, also in the last years.

As a dancer, is known for his his unique style, creativity and musicality. He is a
technical dancer who is highly appreciated for his social dancing skills and his ability to connect
and dance with follows of many different styles. He thinks of himself as a swing dancer first and
stresses the importance that dancers today learn a little bit of all the swing dances.
As a dance teacher, Andreas has a warm and comfortable approach towards students. He is
known for being good at breaking down the dances in an understandable way through
inventive exersizes and class contents. As Andreas sees it, teaching inspiring not only because it
allows you to see dancers improve, but also because it offers a possibility to learn more about
dancing and to contribute the ever-changing dance styles.


Anni (Sweden) and Gašper (Slovenia) is an inspiring dance couple. Their style is playful, passionate and smooth. They share the love for the dance as their form of communication through rhythm, melody and harmony. The awareness of one another that make the couple dance so magic.
From a young age both of them danced several styles before getting into authentic jazz dances. Anni's background lays in Swedish folk-dance, waltz and fox-trot, meanwhile Gašper's in popular 90's Street dances. Eventually swing dance came across and it became another playground. It must have been love at first dance at Herräng Dance Camp 2008. This is how they ended up, living and working together in Gothenburg (Sweden). Now - performing, teaching and lecturing about swing dances, at home and abroad, has seen them as evolve into a couple that has won competitions with their vibrant style and superfast feet. But above all, social dance is their thing.



Fancy ...


Nejc is one of the founders of the new swing age era in Slovenia and started swing dancing back in 2004.

His swing dance experience is a collection of many international workshops. Nejc uses experience from modern movement theatre, music and classical theatre to bring a fresh and fun approach to teaching and developing swing dance.

He pays special attention to jazz moves and musicality, both essential to swing dancing. Since 2010, he has been teaching different swing dances - Lindy hop, Balboa, Charleston, Blues - at the Dansa dance school and has extensive experience with teaching abroad in international workshops. He has also competed in many international competitions, winning quite a few (Lindy Shock, Rock That Swing...).



Abeth started dancing in San Francisco, then she left California and she found herself in places where there was no swing dancing at the time - Morocco and Portugal. She trained more advanced students to begin teaching and in 2012 she opened her own dance school and production company, Swing Station, now located just in Lisbon. She organizes events and festivals in Portugal. Abeth loves finding deeper meaning in what she’s doing - relating life to dancing and dancing to life. She finds inspiration in the meaning behind what and how we move - the connections between body, mind and soul. She believes jazz music and dancing is a place to explore self and relation to others. Abeth is a teacher with contagious energy, keen that her students learn important concepts to develop their own dancing and push themselves beyond their comfort zone, but with a good dose of fun and laughter in the middle.



Martynas is an international Lindy Hop and Balboa instructor, founder and 1/4th of What a Jazz dance studio, 1/4th of Swing Paradise and organizer of multiple local swing dance events in Lithuania. He has been a leader of Lithuanian Swing dance scene for more than a decade, helping the community and many of Lithuanian Swing dance talents grow. 

Recently Martynas has been working with a few partners teaching both Balboa and Lindy Hop. He can lead, follow, perform, create, but most importantly find the next idea that would help students improve. 

Martynas' goal is to help his students grow as dancers and as people. He's raising, answering fundamental questions and is keen on interacting with students during classes.


Music Director: MAURO PORRO

Mauro will be present during the whole weekend!

He will play with the bands in most of the parties (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).

He's a well-known Italian young classic jazz musician, recognized by the European press and music community as “one of the most brilliant talent of the latest continental trad. jazz scene”.

Performing with the help of antique instruments and techniques, Mauro Porro normally plays a range of instruments from piano to drums, passing through a great number of wind instruments (clarinet, all kind of saxophones, trumpet/cornet). From the age of 16, he performs all over the Europe on the most renowned stages (mainly France, Germany, Holland, Spain, United Kingdom, etc...) with some of the best Italian and international hot jazz and swing musicians.

Porro is widely known in the international hot&classic jazz scene as well as in the Italian circuit of authentic Swing Jazz music played for Lindy-Hoppers and vintage dancing lovers.



The "Hot Gravel Eskimos" rediscover the pleasure of the jazz tradition by means of the performance of a musical repertoire of well-known and lesser known pieces of the third and fourth decades of the last century, through the use of vintage instrumentation, orchestrations faithfully reproduced by ancient discs at 78 rpm and, last but not least, the use of looks and a stage presence inspired by the fashions of the "Swing era". This year they played at Harlem (Lituania) and Swing 'n Milan festivals.

Tribute to Artie Shaw feat. Lorenzo Baldasso

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The quintet aims to bring back to light a repertoire to the most unknown and very underrated of the legendary "King of the Clarinet" and his "Gramercy Five". Between the end of the 1930s and the beginning of the 1940s, Artie Shaw carried on, in addition to his orchestra, also a small group, inspired by the "King of Swing" Benny Goodman, his colleague and "rival" during the Swing Era, but very particular because of instruments not used in the jazz repertoire such as the harpsichord, which gave a unique sound for that time.


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Read the biography here.


Gionny FortyFive

Lucie Q Djette

Mister DiP

Davide, known in the Swing world as "Mister DiP", partecipates regularly to international festival and he made dance lindy hoppers of all Europe. Dj and broadcast speaker, he's also a passionate dancer of Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa. He passes easily from the consolle to the ballroom and vice versa.

In Rome everybody knows her.

In the last years she was busy animating so many parties, both in small events as bigger events with international guests, up and down the whole country.

Old classics from Savoy or new tracks from New Orleans sidewalks, she chooses only songs she loves and dances.

Gionny FortyFive owns 3.200 discs and he's gonna select for us his vinyls 7 inch and shellacs of the Swing Era! He approached the world of Swing Dance years back, then he started a project of specific selection for dancers. He's a real collector and he enjoy a lot putting the needle on the micro-grooves and share!

Dj Portofino

Dj Danisaurus

Dj Tony


Tony is one of the core dancers in the Prague Lindy Hop community. since 2014. He regularly DJs weekly dances and festivals in Prague and internationally. He believes that the most important thing for a DJ is to inspire dancers through the music and to keep the constant flow on the dance floor.

Daniele's career as a dj started in September 2012. Daniele has been resident dj in the 2nd and 3rd editions of Torino Swing Festival and he is now the artistic director (music-wise) of  Elephantastic Turin Balboa Weekend. Daniele chooses the best tunes from the Golden Age of Swing Era with just one rule: swing and groove!

Dj Portofino for sure isn't a conventional dj... at all. Maybe you had the chance to see a crazy dj set with him at the last TBW, or at the "Balboa Castle Camp" in 2017. He usually wear a white undershirt in his best moments. Foreign public loves him! It doesn't seem so, but his music is carefully selected, with a preference of Swing italian tracks.