Prices for person. Create your Pack: classes / parties / hotel accomodation.
A fee of
10€ will be added to be associated to Swing Mood a.s.d.

1 Track Pack 80€

5,5 h Couple Track or 5 h Solo Track

Classes Full Pack 120€

5,5 h Couple Track and 2,5 h Solo Track

Party Pack 50€

3 parties (Fri/Sat/Sun afternoon)

Hotel Accomodation

(optional but very recommended!)

Every price includes 2 night in hotel (Fri/Sat) + meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners)

+ 24/24h entrance in the Spa and warm swimming pool





Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • We'll ask a payment for packs with classes and parties only, to de done within 8 days after registration (after those 8 days you'll need to register again);

  • the payment on our Swing Mood page will includes 10€ of association that are NOT gonna be returned in any case, while the rest of the payment can be entirely refunded before 1st January 2022 if you'll have important issues (please inform us asap and maybe try to help us looking for a substitute!);

  • You'll pay the Hotel at your arrival, it won't need any deposit; make sure to communicate us with an e-mail your roommates.


Covid-19 Rules

Please be aware that the following rules can change at any time as the future is hard to predict in a pandemic. We are allowed to adjust the following rules if needed.

Also please consider that it’s impossible to create a zero risk dance event and we cannot take responsibility for your health.

To partecipate at any events in Italy is required the SUPER GREEN PASS, which means that you're vaccinated of recovered from Covid-19. Considering we had to postpone the event for an increase of cases during Christmas holidays, we decided to ask to all participants a rapid test right before entering the festival, so that everyone can feel safer dancing and being together for the whole weekend.