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  • h 18.30/20.00 check-in

  • h 19.30/21.30 Dinner

  • h 21.30/22.00 check-in

  • h 22.00/2.00 Party


Live Music:

Blues & Jetta


  • h 8.00/10.00 Breakfast

  • h 10.30/13.00 Snail level (Adamo & Bibi)

  • h 11.00/13.00 Solo Track (Flouer)

  • h 13.00/14.30 Lunch

  • h 14.30/17.00 Turtle level (Adamo & Bibi)

  • h 17.00/19.00 Sloth track

  • h 19.00/21.00 Dinner

  • h 22.00/3.00 Party


Live Music:

Nkem Favour Blues Band

Stefano Rosen


  • h 8.00/10.00 Breakfast

  • h 10.30/13.00 Turtle level (Adamo & Flouer)

  • h 11.00/13.00 Solo Track (Bibi)

  • h 13.00/14.30 Lunch

  • h 14.15/16.45 Snail level  (Adamo & Flouer)

  • h 17.00/19.00 Party

  • h 19.00/22.00 Optional Dinner

Live Music:

Emiblues & Friends



For couple classes you can choose between 2 levels; please read them carefully before choosing:


You know the basics, have been to classes for a while + some workshops, but maybe you've never done so much social dancing. You have been dancing between 6 months and 2 years. You want to expand your vocabulary of moves, explore the connection and work on your musicality.


You regularly took classes for at least 2 years or more and you attended several workshops.

You know already many moves and styles, you have already a good connection and musicality.

This level is going to be more challenging, working on details of technique, connection with

every partner, musicality and expression through dance.

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